Notes on the search results:
  1. Network providers may change packages and prices without notice.  Please check with network providers before purchase.
  2. For "unlimited data" bundles, click on ‘More’ for the particular data bundle to see if any fair usage limits apply.  If no fair usage limit is stated, contact the service provider for information on any unpublicized fair usage data limits.
  3. Some data packages provide reduced prices 'per MB' for off-peak/late-night use.  To see information on these, click on ‘More’ for any bundle.
  4. The results do not include "welcome pack" bundles which come with new USB modems.
  5. To see prices of USB modems, click on ‘More’ for any particular row in the results table.
  6. For post-paid customers, contact the service provider for other requirements which might include registration, payment of a deposit, etc.
  7. For any missing information, check with the service provider for details.
  8. Download speed and signal strength would vary from operator to operator, and would depend on the user's physical location.  These variations are not included in the search results.  The stated speed is as stated by the service provider.  Reliability (downtime, etc.) is not accounted for in the results.
  9. For converting between gigabytes (GB) and megabytes (MB), 1024MB = 1GB.
What is a data bundle?
A data bundle (or data package) is an amount of internet data purchased for a particular price and a particular period.  For example, a bundle could give you 500MB of internet data for a price of GHc20, lasting for a period of 30 days. This is different from Pay-As-You-Go, where you only pay for any internet data as and when you use it. It is usually cheaper to purchase a data bundle, than to use Pay-As-You-Go.

What are 'MB' and 'GB'
Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB) are units for measuring amounts of internet data; just like how inches, feet, and metres are used to measure length.  Whenever you open a website, or download something on the internet, you are using up megabytes and gigabytes.  One gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1024 megabytes (MB), just like how 12 inches equals one foot when measuring length.

Do I have to buy a bundle to use the internet
No, but it is usually cheaper to buy a bundle.  For most service providers/networks, if you do not buy a bundle, you can still use the internet, but your use of the internet get paid for directly out of the credit on your phone/modem.  A bundle usually costs less per MB than using your call credit for the internet.

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