How much data do I need?
You can get a rough estimate by doing an internet search for "internet data calculator", and use a data calculator website to estimate your data usage.

If you are only chatting and browsing websites (without music or video streaming), you might not need more than 400MB per month (or even not more than 200MB per month if using your mobile phone only).

People who often watch video or listen to music online (referred to as streaming) would likely need in excess of 1GB to 3GB of data per month.

For those who download a lot of movies/music/software applications, they might need over 3GB per month, and would probably need an unlimited data bundle.  Such users can end up using over 10GB of data per month.

It all depends on the size of files or websites you access.  You could use 3GB of data in one day, or you could use only 100MB of data in a month.

What are EDGE, 3G, 3.5G, etc?
These are different classes used to specify the different ranges of downloading speeds for internet use.  The different classes used on this website are GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G, and 3.75G (ordered from slowest to fastest download speed).

What is a fair use policy?
This usually applies to 'Unlimited download' data packages. Some mobile companies will limit your internet usage rather than charge extra when you use more data than your data bundle's 'fair usage' allowance. This is referred to as a 'fair use' policy. Depending on your network provider, this may mean that if you use more data than your 'fair usage' allowance, your download speed will be considerably reduced, so you will not be able to stream long videos or download large files, but you will still be able to browse websites on the internet.
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